Duffy in the Christmas Parade at Paris/Euro Disney :)

Well, not only is he in the parade here in the US, but he’s also in the one in Paris in his very own float.

(Photos thanks to Disney Gazette and insideDLParis)

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For those with a 3DS + Freaky Forms :)

Well, an Anonymous User over on this site posted up Freaky Forms of Duffy and Shellie May. If you have a 3DS with Freaky Forms, you can download them using the AR Codes 🙂

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Duffy at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

It’s definitely nice to see Duffy being featured more. Not only will you get to see him at the meet & greets with Mickey and Minnie:

He is also on the parade on their float:

Watch the Parade in action here 🙂

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Festival of the Masters Shirt

For those of you who are able to, if you stop by Downtown Disney this weekend during Festival of the Masters and purchase a 40th Anniversary Duffy, you will receive a special complimentary t-shirt for your Duffy :)(Sadly for 12 inch Duffy only though)

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Bedtime Story with Duffy

If you tend to stay in a Disney World Resort, you’ll be happy to know that Duffy’s story is now playing in the hotel rooms. It is on Channel 38 from 6PM-10PM.

Hopefully this will help show Duffy more–though, I kind of wish they would do general stories instead over promoting bedtime ones.

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Possible Future Outfits for Duffy at Euro/Paris Disney?

A while back, it was mentioned that Duffy would be getting special exclusive outfits actually designed by various designers. Well, recently, a video surfaced of a preview of some of those outfits (and even a few custom Duffy thrown into the mix)….

These outfits look very nice (and some I definitely want myself) 🙂 While it’s not too likely for them to come out (or at least not as is, quite a few have actual modifications to Duffy), it’d be nice to see some of them more or even similar ones. You can even find more videos featuring Duffy’s arrival over in Euro/Paris Disney by the same user.

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On our way

After an incredibly long ride, Ahim and Duffy relax in our hotel room 🙂 We’ll be leaving soon to continue our drive to Disney and should be there by early afternoon <3

If you have any photo requests, feel free to comment with them 🙂 Or send an e-mail :3

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Duffy has found his way to Paris Disney :)

Duffy has officially started showing up in the parks over in Paris Disney and will even be showing up in the Parade for Christmas 🙂 Be sure to keep an eye out for him, say hello, and maybe pick up a Duffy of your own!

(Photos thanks to DLRP Magic!)

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Duffy is getting ready for Christmas in Disney Land :)

Duffy’s meeting spot is getting re-decorated for Christmas over at Disney Land. Maybe he will be wearing his 12 inch bear’s outfit afterall?

I hope this means the one over in Disney World will be getting an update too 🙂 They did quite a nice job with Duffy’s little area at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, afterall:

Though, while I love Christmas and am looking forward to the decorations, something tells me they’ll keep the Fall look at Duffy’s area in Epcot until after the Food Festival.

(Christmas photos thanks to Mint Crocodile, Duffy at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party thanks to Orlando Sentinel)

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Alright guys!

Everything seems to be working and the Duffy Travels Facebook page is a go 🙂

Feel free to comment or submit things if you’d like–who knows, they may show up on here! And we will continue to check in on that poll if Twitter is ever wanted as well ^_^

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