Duffy Charm + Sweet Duffy coming Next Month~

For those of you who aren’t really fond of pins, you will be happy to know that many places in Disney World and Disney Land have gotten Duffy Charms for you to use on necklaces and bracelets 🙂

Sweet Duffy is also supposed to be starting January 20th 🙂 You can see a Preview on Megumi’s blog. I will be putting pictures and things up when they are up on the official site as it would probably be more convenient to list it all together 🙂

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2012 Limited Duffy

Now, every year a special little Duffy comes out for Collecting Purposes 🙂 Continuing with that, here is the 2012 version which will cost 14,000 Yen:

Definitely quite cute. Regardless, I think my favorite is still the 2008 Limited New Year Duffy. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get one myself~

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Duffy in Disneyland Adventures

For those of you with an Xbox 360 and Kinect, you’ll be excited to know that in Disneyland Adventures, you can actually meet with Duffy 🙂 It’s definitely nice to see him featured officially in a game–so soon too! Duffy gives you a quest to collect various Duffy bears around the park <3
(Photos thanks to The Forbidden Eye)

And some more awesome pictures thanks to our friend at Le Fan Club de Duffy.

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More Duffy at Paris Disney

Recently, the official Disney Parks blog decided to update a bit with Duffy’s arrival there. It features many more pictures of Duffy in various cute outfits designed by various designers 🙂 While it does say they aren’t coming, we can still hope maybe similar ones in the future show up, right?

However, what I found most exciting was that apparently if you buy a Duffy there, you get this adorable certificate:

I know there have been fan-made ones in the past so it’s kind of neat to see an official one too 🙂

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Duffy making his way on merchandise + More on Spring Voyage

While Disney may not completely have it down what to do with Duffy, he is showing up quite a bit more. Even on some candy tins with the rest of the group:

(Photo thanks to eeee-va)

And here he is featured on a Disneyland Souvenir mug for Christmas:

(Photo thanks to Sue Kruse)

I wonder if that means he will even be appearing on Autograph books soon?

Besides that, with a new press release comes some new information 🙂 Along with the show will also be a special room in the Miracosta Hotel.

Besides some updates to room features to honor the event, in the special room there will be special appropriately sized chairs for your Duffy and Shellie May 🙂 And you will receive a special duffle bag with the logo for getting the room. Not to mention also a special Photo album (with a map no less) and log book 🙂 Perfect for your sea voyages!

It’s times like these that make me wish I could go to Japan more often–I stayed in the Miracosta during my first visit and it’s such a beautiful hotel. Too bad Spring is one of the most expensive times to travel to Japan. 🙁

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Disney Land Paris/Euro Disney with their fashionable outfits

With how often they keep showing outfits designed by various designers on their facebook and twitter, it’s hard not to wonder if these outfits may eventually be purchasable in some way. They are definitely nice so I’d love to see them. (And you’ll recognize some from that video)

Edit: And they just keep doing more too 🙂

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Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage Preview

(Pictures thanks to TravisMT81 at the Micechat Forums)

Chances are, if outfits do come out with the show (likely), they will probably be the ones shown here. Both definitely look cute and I’m really curious to see Shellie May’s full outfit.

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New like button :)

While we had set up our facebook page, we forgot to add a Like button on the side ^^; So for those who reminded us, Thank you. It’s all added now and is sitting in the side bar 🙂

We will also have the few pictures we got in Disney up soon. Due to a lot of mishaps, most ended up…not making it 🙁

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2012 12-inch Duffy Duffy in the US Parks

With 2012 coming up, it’s no surprise they did one themed for the upcoming year.

While it’s nice to have new Duffy stuff, I’m starting to get quite tired of the 12 inch bears… I’m not in a position where I can have more than my few (If I did get more, it’d just be a Shellie May) and I can’t afford to get a bunch of 12 inch bears… not to mention the outfits are too small for the 17 inch anyway. While it is nice for those who prefer smaller bears or those who can have a large collection, I wish they’d think about people with the bigger bears some more.

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Duffy in Paris Disney :)

Big thank you to Le Fan Club De Duffy for taking these pictures for us! We appreciate it so much <3 Due to the size and amount, please continue reading to see them! (more…)

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