Possible Future Outfits for Duffy at Euro/Paris Disney?

A while back, it was mentioned that Duffy would be getting special exclusive outfits actually designed by various designers. Well, recently, a video surfaced of a preview of some of those outfits (and even a few custom Duffy thrown into the mix)….

These outfits look very nice (and some I definitely want myself) 🙂 While it’s not too likely for them to come out (or at least not as is, quite a few have actual modifications to Duffy), it’d be nice to see some of them more or even similar ones. You can even find more videos featuring Duffy’s arrival over in Euro/Paris Disney by the same user.

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  1. […] With how often they keep showing outfits designed by various designers on their facebook and twitter, it’s hard not to wonder if these outfits may eventually be purchasable in some way. They are definitely nice so I’d love to see them. (And you’ll recognize some from that video) […]

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