New Pins, Duffy’s Popularity, & Sweet Duffy

So, firstly, we have new pins coming to the US parks 🙂 Which will make pin collectors–or just people who love Duffy in general, quite happy:

While the one on the left should be in both parks, the pins on the right are most likely exclusive to Disney Land.

With Duffy showing up on more kinds of merchandise, it’s nice to see he’s also being shown off in other places too–like Peter Pan’s Flight:

(Photo thanks to MouseInfo)
It’s be really nice if these kind of things could continue.

Anyway, moving on, over in Japan, it is currently time for Sweet Duffy 🙂 For those who aren’t sure what that is, Sweet Duffy is essentially the Valentine’s Day event in Tokyo Disney Sea and it features Duffy and Shellie May. There are a lot of gorgeous items this year (in which I will continue to regret that I sadly just can’t afford them–stupid US money being worthless):

Duffy’s and Shellie May’s outfits for the event. While I don’t really care for the color combination of blue/brown, both outfits are very nice and feature various different parts to them which can be matched with other outfits, including last year’s set.

Of course, if we have outfits, we also have little keychain and charm Duffy and Shellie May with their own mini versions:

And of course, there’s still plenty more to go…

Other things include mugs, plates, and bowls:

A cute little fold up to match last years:

Some wonderful stationary things (A Scrap Book, Stickers, and Post Cards):

Towels and some decorations for your bag:

A lovely earring set (which would probably make great pins for your bears) and charms:

Various Treats (Milk and Vanilla Chocolate, Tea Cookie with Milk Chocolate + Strawberry Cookie with White Chocolate, and Raspberry Milk Candy) and Hot Chocolate Mix with two adorable little spoons 🙂

And of course, the various desserts being served and their souvenir mugs and plates:

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