New Cannery Co. Outfits + Be Magical Revisited!

For those of you with money to spare, the next edition of Canney Co. Outfits have been released.

These definitely have a lot more mixing and matching than the old sets, but are just about the same amount of things you would get from sets that are about half the price. Regardless, the quality is most likely even higher than usual on things and they are quite nice. I’m content with my overalls from Halloween, but I really love Shellie May’s pink cardigan, Duffy’s t-shirt (Plain white shirts are a pain to find), and both of their boots. It’s times like these where I wish they sold things separately and had package deals for cheaper. You will forever taunt me cardigan I can never get because I don’t have money 🙁

Moving on, for those of you who may have not been too fond of “Be Magical” for the outfits not exactly being too wizardy, well….

Yep, definitely much more wizard-y. I think I prefer the lighter colors of the original outfits (and the originals are probably softer), but these colors go well with them (And Shellie May’s matches the purple much better now unlike the kind of weirdness from the previous edition) and they definitely bring out more of the Sorcerer and Sorceress kind of theme than the other two. And for those of you who wanted more outfits for your tiny little Duffy, there is even a set of those for you too :3

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