What are the differences between Disney Bear and Duffy?

While the Disney Bear is essentially what caused Duffy to be, there are still quite a few differences!

1. Just to get the obvious of the way, the story. The Disney Bear got their special face from Tinkerbell. On top of that, the gender is never actually. Duffy, on the otherhand, was made by Minnie and was confirmed a boy.

2. The Disney Bear’s Muzzle is actually a bit smaller/narrower while Duffy’s is bigger and rounder.

3. Disney Bear’s smile is much bigger, Duffy’s is a lot smaller.

4. The main difference is what they’re stuffed with. Duffy is stuffed with fluff and very soft while the Disney Bear is stuffed with Polyester. While still soft in their own way, Duffy is definitely much softer. However, this also helps make posing the Disney Bear a lot easier as it has less of a chance of flopping over.

5. Duffy’s fur is also a bit softer (though, if you gave the Disney Bear a nice wash over, it would be possible to make it that soft too).

6. The tail on a Disney Bear is a lot smaller.

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