More Custom Duffy?! + More Categories

Well, the two Custom Duffy sold the other day–to my surprise, for quite large amounts. Pinku ended up going for $315 while Pinku Mei went for $611. No surprise, the person ended up putting up another custom, and it’s apparently catching on as someone else put up two customs. They are a big improvement to the older ones, IMO, though, I’m sure they can still get better. But yes, for those of you who may be big on OOAK Custom Duffy, here they are:
Blue Sleepy Duffy. For those who may have liked the Pink one, but just felt it was too girly…well, here’s a blue one.

Like the other Sleepy Duffy, it involves some new eyelids partially over the eyes and a custom made-outfit and a magentic pacifier.

Pink Custom

One of the customs by a different person, this Duffy features fake eyelashes, a bow (that can’t be removed), earrings (that can be removed if asked–or they will stay), and a skirt (removeable).

Teal Disney Bear Custom

This is actually one of the 13-inch original Disney Bears that was customized. While yes, that is valuable in itself, in a way, a custom of an older bear also makes this valuable too (and depending on popularity, can increase or decrease from the original).

If you’re confused about why we post customs, do see the new F.A.Q. question!
Also, in an effort to make everything more organized, we now have several new categories. Plus info on old ones too. So, from the top (Note: — = Sub Category–it is a Sub Category of whatever it is listed under and anything listed under a Sub Category will also be in the main category for that):
Art – Any Art we receive of our Duffy and/or official new art that pops up of Duffy will be under this category.
–Fan Art – For just the Art of our Duffy or awesome art of Duffy in general by other fans.
–Official Art – For Official artwork of Duffy by Disney.
Buying – For any posts about stuff we may be looking to buy Duffy-related. 🙂
Custom – For any Custom Duffy, Duffy outfits, or Misc. items.
–Custom Duffy – For actual Custom Duffy bears.
–Custom Outfits – For custom outfits made for Duffy (or that can fit Duffy)
–Custom Misc. – For things like bags/hats/clothing/etc. that people have made of Duffy for you to actually have.
Duffy – For anything official that is Duffy related.
–Official Duffy – For any official new Duffy bears.
–Official Outfits – For any official new clothes.
–Official Misc. Duffy – For plates, food, clothes, bags, figures, and essentially anything made by Disney that is Duffy related.
–Other Company Outfits – Essentially, for any clothes that are made by other big companies (IE: Build-a-Bear) that can fit Duffy. We’ll usually only include Disney related, but we’ll sometimes include casual stuff too.
–Other Company Misc. – For plates, food, clothes, bags, figures, and essentially anything not made by Disney that is Duffy related.
Duffy News – Any official news in general about Duffy.
–Walt Disney World – For any Duffy news related to Walt Disney World
–Walt Disney Land – ^ except for Walt Disney Land
–Paris/Euro Disney – ^ except for Paris/Euro Disney
–Tokyo Disney – ^ except for Tokyo Disney
–Hong Kong Disney – ^ except for Hong Kong Disney
Outfits – For anything outfit related that would fit Duffy, whether it be custom, official, or a different big company’s
Duffy Bear – For anything related to a Duffy/Disney Bear, whether it be custom or official.
Misc. – For anything that is Duffy-related, but isn’t an outfit or bear (Souvenirs, buckets, clothes for you to wear, etc.) whether official or custom-made.
Photos – All photos of Duffy.
–Official Photos – Official Photos of Duffy.
–Our Photos – Photos we took ourselves.
–Your Photos – Photos that other people have taken.
Sales – Anything we post Duffy-related that is either an auction or something we’re looking to sell.
Site Related – Anything related to the blog itself.
Trading – Anything we post Duffy-related that is essentially looking to trade (IE: US stuff for Japanese stuff)
Travel – Anything related to us traveling with our Duffy 🙂
Uncategorized – Nothing should ever be here. If there is, we forgot to categorize something so let us know.

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