Look who’s showed up :)

After finally finding her way back to Duffy, Ahim and Duffy are ready for some pictures.

We have a special entry coming up soon <3 And if you think Ahim's outfit looks familiar... well, see this entry. Her first outfit was from Build a Bear 🙂

And to end this, here’s a Poll:

Expect more polls in the future! If you’re having trouble deciding, we have some pros and cons…

Each is listed after the appropriate picture 🙂

Ahim/Pink Disney Bear Close-up

No money needed to be spent.
Kind of gives her a naive-younger look.
No worries if I change my mind.

Could be mistaken for a cross-dressing Duffy.
Would look a lot less girly next to a Shellie May.

Shellie May Close-up

Would look the most official as nearly all Disney Plush have sewn eyelashes.

Would have to look up a lot of info how to start.
Would require a lot of precision.
Would be very hard to remove if mind changed or if it’s wrong.

Examples of Fake-eyelashes on Duffy.

Would give her a unique look while still being girly.
Easy to remove if mind changed or put on wrong.

Possibility of accidentally gluing to fur or other areas.
Could possibly fall off if not secured well.
Not very popular.

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