Another thing that Build-a-Bear popularized, besides clothes for Stuffed Animals, were birth certificates for them. While they weren’t completely out of the blue (Pound Puppies did come with them sometimes for example), it wasn’t the most common for plushies, though, it had been around for Dolls for a good time (Cabbage Patch dolls are a good example). If you’re one of those people who really like the idea of having Birth Certificates, some talented individuals made some for Duffy 🙂 (The last one also working as a good autograph page)

By (in order of right to left, top to bottom): DuffyDaisuki, milliepie, bababear_50, and wendypooh

Maybe some Shellie May certificates will be made one day too 🙂 Though, I’m sure you can use these for her too!

I probably like the first two the best–each for different reasons, though, the common reason is I think they look the most like, well, birth certificates. As for the different reasons, I think milliepie‘s is the closest to the popularized Build-a-Bear versions so for people who are big Build-a-Bear fans, but also love Duffy, it’ll fit right hand. On the otherhand, DuffyDaisuki‘s matches the older style of certificates in general, which I think kind of fits considering Duffy is in an older version of Cape Cod among other things. Still, if you do use one, be sure to thank their creators 🙂

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