What is the difference between Shellie May and Duffy?

Well, readers, the difference is…Shellie May is a girl!

…I’m kidding, I know you wanted more than that 😛 But yes, the main difference between the two is that Shellie May is a girl and Duffy is a boy. That doesn’t mean your Duffy can’t be a girl or that your Shellie May can’t be a boy, just character-wise, those were the genders they were given.

You will notice by comparison, there are a few obvious differences:
1. Shellie May comes with a bow (which is actually removeable)
2. Shellie May’s fur is a different shade of brown.
3. Shellie May’s paws and foot prints are a rosey pink instead of dark brown.
4. Shellie May has blue eyes.
5. Shellie May has eyelashes.

Some of the harder to notice differences are that Shellie May’s face is a bit slimmer/more narrow than Duffy’s which makes her look a bit slimmer. Shellie May’s Mickey face mark (the one near her butt) is also on the opposite side that Duffy’s is on.

Those are the only differences, really. Shellie May’s brown is more of a reddish brown while Duffy’s is more of an orange-shade of brown. I will say, however, that while Shellie May looks pink in all the promo art and a rose-color in most official pictures, she is actually a bit more brown colored:

Thank you to Rakuten for the image

Her color always seems to be a bit hard to see in pictures, so I’d recommend to try and see one in real life before deciding if you’d like her or not 🙂

Her eyelashes are sewn on (unlike the eyelashes you may have seen on custom Duffy) so they are not removable (unless you sewed like…fur over them or something).

In site related news, we now have new profile pictures on the profile page 🙂 Something a bit more Disney-related. Expect the pictures of the bears to be up soon!

And in more Shellie May related news, I realized I forgot to include her in the categories 🙂 So I’ve gone and added them! Yay!

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