Build-a-Bear/Dino Outfits

For those of you who may not be able to afford official Duffy outfits, there are actually a lot of clothes you can buy elsewhere for the bears. Duffy is 17 inches tall (13 inches for the smaller ones) so most Build a Bear outfits fit incredibly well. For some extra fun, besides the large amount of casual wear, there are also special Disney-themed outfits and even country outfits, similar to the ones available at Walt Disney World for Epcot. They also have a Website so you don’t HAVE to try and get to a store (though, some are exclusive to stores). Here is an easy way to find all the Disney Costumes they have in stock.

Some Disney outfits have been retired, for example, this Mulan Costume:

Coincidentally, outfits for toddlers also fit well on Duffy, though, I know some people find it odd to buy real clothes for their bear (or buy doll clothes for their child).

(Also, a new category for other Photos for Photos from other companies of Duffy-esque things)

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