Possible Future Outfits for Duffy at Euro/Paris Disney?

A while back, it was mentioned that Duffy would be getting special exclusive outfits actually designed by various designers. Well, recently, a video surfaced of a preview of some of those outfits (and even a few custom Duffy thrown into the mix)…. These outfits look very nice (and some I definitely want myself) 🙂 While […]

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Look who’s showed up :)

After finally finding her way back to Duffy, Ahim and Duffy are ready for some pictures. We have a special entry coming up soon <3 And if you think Ahim’s outfit looks familiar… well, see this entry. Her first outfit was from Build a Bear 🙂 And to end this, here’s a Poll: Should Ahim […]

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The Bear Mill Outfits

While browsing around, I found someone mentioning that they have their Duffy wear outfits from The Bear Mill. The outfits are reasonably priced (usually around 15 dollars), and will fit Duffy fairly well. Two of their outfits: One of their outfits on: Picture thanks to Disney Store Duffy. So for those of you looking for […]

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Build-a-Bear/Dino Outfits

For those of you who may not be able to afford official Duffy outfits, there are actually a lot of clothes you can buy elsewhere for the bears. Duffy is 17 inches tall (13 inches for the smaller ones) so most Build a Bear outfits fit incredibly well. For some extra fun, besides the large […]

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More Custom Duffy?! + More Categories

Well, the two Custom Duffy sold the other day–to my surprise, for quite large amounts. Pinku ended up going for $315 while Pinku Mei went for $611. No surprise, the person ended up putting up another custom, and it’s apparently catching on as someone else put up two customs. They are a big improvement to […]

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