Duffy Travels – Review Post #1!

Welcome to our very first review post! 🙂 I received some awesome items from Tokyo Disney thanks to The Duffy Post and they also arrived on my birthday (July 18th)! 🙂 I’ve been planning this for a while, but wanted to wait until Ahim managed to find her way out of where ever my mom put her as most of the stuff was for her (As Duffy already had some outfits!).

Anyway, this is mostly Be Magical! Stuff along with Shellie May’s necklace and a UniBEARsity outfit 🙂 Everything is incredibly well-made as usual.

Ahim was incredibly excited to look and see what was in the bag.

Shellie May’s Be Magical Outfit! Or well, Ahim just calls it the “Be Magical Dress”. We unfortunately couldn’t afford Duffy’s at the time 🙁 Thus, Duffy was sad and pouting–at least until he noticed I had some stuff for him too 😀

Even the hanger is adorable.

Hat and shoes! I think the shoes are my favorite to be honest. SO cute. And they have velcro on the sides and are soft which makes them a lot easier to put on.

Ahim having fun and trying it on. The top is a bit big which is actually a good thing–it gives it a magic robe effect and it means if you want to, you can just put it on over whatever they may be wearing. You may notice she isn’t wearing the purple skirt. Ignoring the fact that I put the robe and shoes over her other outfit, the skirt is still the one issue I have with the outfit. It’s wonderful quality, but I think the color looks a bit odd. Maybe it looks better on Shellie May (After all, she has blue eyes and that warmish tint to her coat), but otherwise, it just looks odd. It does come with a cute pair of underwear in the same color as well, but other than those undergarments, the skirt matches nothing else. I think they should’ve used another shade of pink (Like the hot pink used in the decorations) or if they REALLY wanted to use a non-pink color, gold, as that’s actually used in the outfit. Duffy’s Be Magical! Outfit is all shades of blue (with the bits of gold as well) so it would’ve been nice if they did that with Shellie May’s too, in my opinion. Regardless, it’s still great quality and could probably work with other outfits.

Shellie May’s Necklace–aka the Pink Heart Seashell necklace. It’s really cute. It even says Shellie May on the back of it in script:

The Be Magical Charms! They are super cute and can be worn around your bears’ necks 🙂 They can also be wrapped around their wrists if you’d prefer or the wand can be taken off the chain for other kinds of projects!

The UniBEARsity school uniform 🙂 While the pants are a bit snug, everything else fits great. The jacket is removable and has actual pockets you could put stuff in if you wanted to. The tie on the shirt is sort of removable–it is tied in the back, but you could cut it and it wouldn’t actually do anything bad–you could just use the tie for other things. And the belt on the pants? Completely removeable 🙂

Duffy and Ahim try on the jacket. I have to say, while I expected it on Duffy, I didn’t expect it to look so cute on her too. If I ever did a “Go to School” shoot, I’d definitely want to get an extra jacket or something. …on the otherhand, Duffy probably wouldn’t wear it anyway so I could probably still do one.

Ahim with the Seashell necklace on 🙂

And the Be Magical! Charm necklaces.

Happy Aftermath Pictures:

And Duffy with his new belt from the UniBEARsity set:

So, final verdict? Everything is gorgeous, it really is. I already mentioned my one issue (the purple skirt), but everything else is great and even if the color seems off, it’s still a very nice quality skirt.

The big question though…is it worth the price?
1. If you’re Japanese and often use yen over American money, yes.
2. If you have a better exchange rate than here in the US, yes.
3. If you love Duffy tons and buy stuff from Ebay regularly anyway, yes.
4. If you love Duffy tons and always manage to order from the Duffy post, yes.
5. However, if you’re not in a 100% okay and as much as you love Duffy don’t always have money…it may not be. The quality is amazing, yes, but the outfits are actually about 50-60 dollars because of the economy. If it was still the 30-40 it used to be with currency exchangers, I’d say hands down with a giant YES to if it’s worth it. While the quality is fantastic and you won’t be disappointed, they are still quite pricey which is why, while the outfits are not as nice quantity here in the US, it’s not always bad to be able to get an outfit for 15-30 dollars.

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